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FIC: "That's my story" by ST-DL

To: turkeyish

Title: That's my story
Author/Artist: ST-DL
Pairing: Harry/Ginny, mention of Ron/Hermione
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,188
Summary: This is the story about growing up. This is the story about living your dreams. This is the story of Ginny Weasley, famous Harpies chaser.
Author/Artist's Notes: I'm so sorry for being so late. Turkeyish, I hope you enjoy the story, even though it's not quite what you asked for. I blame Ginny, she wouldn't have it any other way. I tried.

My name is Ginny Weasley.

If you're a girl, you probably sigh now and think that I am so lucky. A Quidditch star and girlfriend of the savior of our world, can it get better? I can understand you, really I do, I was there once. Dancing on my bed with a blanket on my head like a veil, pretending to be dancing with The Boy Who Lived, right after he saved me from the dragon. The mirror in my room used to laugh at me for that. Day dreaming of being a Quidditch star, showing my annoying brothers I can fly better than them. Then being whisked away after a game to a fancy restaurant by my husband, the famous Harry Potter. I had it all planned, you see.

But life has a way of showing you what's important and what's not. I was so overwhelmed when my brother wrote home about his adventures with Harry and I was praying every night that Harry would come over during the summer. I got my wish, Harry came over and I acted like a complete arse. Yey me. Then the whole thing with Riddle's diary happened and I realized how horrible it was to be the damsel in distress.

My first year at Hogwarts was the beginning of the long road of growing up. I'll save you a lot of reading and say my priorities changed. I was no longer infatuated by a fairytale hero; I was in love with a gentle and awkward boy who had the impossible task of destroying the most evil wizard in history. I tried to squash it, because I knew I didn't stand a chance, I was his best friend's sister and that was it. My mirror at home was still torturing me about him though, that bitch. I'm not sure when it happened, but around my fifth year at Hogwarts things started to change. It was minor, but I had the feeling I was more than just Harry's best friend's little sister. And then he kissed me, right in the middle of a party, in front of everyone.

You'd think all my dreams came true, wouldn't you? But I had nothing to be happy about. No, not about Harry, Harry was everything I could ever hope for, but I knew it would be short lived. I wasn't delusional, I knew the time will come when Harry would have to do something horribly hard and I also knew he'll do the noble thing and leave me. Because that was Harry, he was noble and kind and incredibly stupid. Still is, by the way.

After the war we got back together. Well, together is an overstatement, I went back to Hogwarts and Harry started his Auror training, we hardly saw each other. But before I went to Hogwarts to complete my education, Harry managed to find some courage and took me out for a little stroll around the pond. I say courage because Harry was under the impression I was mad at him and was scared to death. I'm pretty sure my brothers had something to do with that, but Harry clumped his mouth about it and I decided to drop the subject, for now. I knew I'd get the truth out of him somehow and I much preferred to snog him senseless. Just before we went back to The Burrow, Harry took out a little hand mirror and gave it to me.

"If you ever need me, just call my name." he took a shard of a mirror from the pouch around his neck and smiled sheepishly.

See? That's my Harry. He could have swept me up and told me I was always close to his heart or some other cheesy crap, but instead he was just awkward and unsure. But I know him, and I'll be a little presumptuous and say I know him best. True, Ron and Hermione are his best friends, but having evil inside you and still survive and stay pure is something only the both of us will share. I also have this uncanny talent of knowing exactly what he wants just by looking at him. We often use that kind of communication, we'll look at each other from the other side of the room and smile or nod and that's it. I can tell that he can't stand the pompous git he's talking to and save him from his clutches, or he knows I'm talking to someone important and will come over and introduce himself.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, so there really is no need for him to say silly romantic shit or take me to frilly places, Madam Puddifoot's style. I know he loves me and I don't need grand gestures to assure my self-esteem.

So, I went back to Hogwarts and Harry had his Auror training. But sometimes, by some miracle, Harry had a free evening while I had a night off my N.E.W.T studies and Quidditch, and we'd have the most amazing talk over the mirrors.

One night I offered to show him my boobs through the mirror. I was lonely and tired of studying and Hermione's nagging calendar. And I was pretty randy. I'm quite sure he dropped the mirror and had to 'repero' it. It was the most erotic thing I've ever done. I could hear his pants over the mirror and could see the wonder in his eyes as he watched my body. I've had privacy spells on my four poster bed so I felt confident enough to touch myself without worrying someone would hear us. We've ended up having a wanking session right then and there. Then, through the haze of happy feeling I heard him say "You're amazing". I swear these two words gave me another little orgasm. All I could manage was a "Bloody hell".

After that night Harry had a three weeks field work and when he was finally back I had a Quiditch match coming up against Hufflepuff and was training my team like mad. I could hardly leave my eyes open enough to wash and change. But I always fell asleep with a smile on my face, remembering these words. "You're amazing."

It was lucky I trained hard to this game. Apparently Slughorn invited Gwenog Jones to watch the game and she liked my performance. She came over to see the other games as well. Hermione told me Harry too came to watch our game against Slytherin, but had to leave straight afterwards for his training. Most girls would probably be mad that their boyfriend didn't stay long enough to meet them, but I wasn't most girls. I knew what he must have went through to get here and the match was unusually long. We had a little party in the common room and even Hermione joined us. She gave me a folded parchment afterwards and I could hardly wait to go upstairs and read it.

My amazing chaser,

I was sitting right next to Gwenog Jones! Slughorn insisted on me joining the booth as soon as he saw me. She was really impressed. So was I, you are a great captain, much better than I was. The team was united throughout the whole game. Which was pretty long, damn snitch. I wish I could see you, but bloody Robards… I was late as it was…

But you were amazing on the broom! It was totally worth it, the best game I ever watched.

See you soon


I couldn't see him soon enough.

It wasn't soon. I saw Harry only when I got off the Hogwarts express by the end of our school year. Hermione was crying next to me and leaped into my brother's arms. He and Harry were waiting for us on platform, donning their Auror uniform. I wasn't crying. I was squealing like a banshee, right before Harry closed the gap between us and I covered him with kisses. It took me a while to notice the flashes, I noticed Harry's cringe first. If it weren't for the rest of the family waiting for us, we would have apparated out of there. We'll have years of paparazzi harassing us, but I'm putting the carriage before the thestral.

I was alone at The Burrow when the letter from the Harpies arrived, inviting me to play at the reserve team. You'd think I would dance around the house and shout in joy. Truth is, I hid the letter in my trunk for a week. I couldn't handle it. I still had no idea what I wanted to do with myself after school and the letter only managed to confuse me even more.

Harry was quick to notice something was wrong. But for the first time, he didn't understand what my problem was. It's funny how you get used to being understood all the time with no effort, because when you need to explain yourself you realize you forgot all of your vocabulary from lack of use. I need practice.

Basically, what I was trying to tell him was that after the war I felt I should practice something worthwhile. Harry thought I was mental. Obviously Quidditch is worthwhile. I tried to explain that help is needed in the wizarding world in other fields; maybe I should be a Healer or an Auror. Harry wholeheartedly disagreed.

"So, basically, you're saying George should leave WWW and join the Ministry. Entertaining people is worthwhile, helping people forget their sorrow is worthwhile."

That's what he told me, I felt like my mother suddenly.

"It's your childhood's dream and it's within reach. Can you honestly say you'll give it up?"

I didn't know what to tell him.

He said nothing about it afterwards, but a week later he showed up at the Burrow and grabbed my hand.

"Let's go, we're on a tight schedule." To my inquiring stare he answered, "It's a surprise." Then he apparated us into Hogsmead.

"Come on", he grabbed my hand and led me to the path leading to Hogwarts.

I was confused but said nothing, he won't tell me anyway. At the gates we met Professor McGonagall, she opened the gates for us and led us to the Headmistress's office on the seventh floor. The password was 'biscuit', which I found funny. She did not come along when we got up the escalator.

"Try not to be too long." She said curtly.

It was too weird, me and Harry going to Hogwarts to visit the Headmistress's office without her being there.

We entered the room and in the middle of it stood a huge mirror with a gold frame. Half way about reading the inscription, I realized this was the Mirror of Erised. It was exactly how Ron described it when he got home after his first year at Hogwarts. I remember asking him for stories over and over again. This was the mirror that made you see your deepest desire, I was awestruck. My thoughtful boyfriend knew I couldn't decide so he gave me something to figure it out.

"Go on," Harry pushed me forward, "have a look."

And the funny thing was, even before Harry stepped aside, before my deepest desire formed on the mirror, I suddenly knew what I was going to do. The mirror only confirmed what I knew deep down inside. I saw myself, alone, standing in front of me. There was no crowd surrounding me, no Quidditch gear or a broom, just myself looking fierce and confident. That was what I wanted; I wanted to succeed on my own. Not because my boyfriend was The-Boy-Who-Lived or because my mother killed Bellatrix Lestrange. Because I was good, I was worthy. And I need not try to prove myself by catching Death Eaters. I knew then I'd accept the offer from the Harpies.

I looked at Harry, sitting on one of McGonagall's chairs, and smiled softly. I then looked back at myself in the mirror. There was something addicting about it, I could feel its pull to keep on watching. With great effort I tore my eyes from it and stepped aside, motioning Harry to step up. He never asked me what I saw, but he knew. Just as I knew, without asking, what he saw in the mirror. I knew what he saw there but I also knew that I couldn't give it to him, not yet.

Training was hard, but staying on reserve was the hardest. I itched to try my broom on a real live game. It took me nearly two years to move up from reserve, but when I finally made it, it was glorious. Now that I'm best scorer of the season, I'm not sure if the paparazzi are after Harry or after me. But we've learned to live with them, the best we can. We manage to prank them every once in a while, it's fun. I never regretted my decision.

So, I live with Harry Potter and I'm a Quidditch star. But it's all from the right reasons. And it's completely different from what I imagined when I was a girl.

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