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Mirrors and Reflections: The Master List

Mods, I hope y'all don't mind. I had some extra time, so I put the masterlist for this year's fest together.

aggiebell90 wrote Just Like Mum for snuggle_muggle.
What the daughter does, the mother did. ~Jewish Proverb (Or, Ginny's more than a little dismayed to learn she's more like her mum than she thought.)

almond_joyz wrote Through the Looking Glass for rumpelsnorcack.
Harry finds a way to keep in touch with Ginny when they're apart...which is rather often.

arnel_63 wrote A Difficult Decision for mandatorily.
Even though the Wizarding world is officially in peacetime mode, there are aspects of this peace which bother Harry enough to make a difficult decision.

carrickorourke wrote The Trouble With Mirrors for pepperam.
Someone seems to be spying on Harry and Ginny in a most embarrassing way, catching them at their most embarrassing moments.

fwittney drew Exactly How We Are for katwoman_68.
Harry and Ginny shown exactly as they are in the pond.

luna_plath wrote They Tell Me for lunalovepotter.
He╒d brushed his fingers over her spine, lightly touching her naked back, thinking that maybe this was what people called closure.

lunalovepotter wrote No Boundaries for fwittney.
Now that the war is over and she is free to pursue romance with Harry, Ginny doesn't quite know what to do.

lyras wrote The Affair of the Wedding for arnel_63.
Lily's marriage to Scorpius is bringing the Potters and the Malfoys together, whether they like it or not. While Harry and Ginny navigate the stormy waters of the wedding, George sees it as the perfect opportunity to show off a new Wheeze.

pepperam wrote May the Second for st_dl.
The morning following the battle of Hogwarts is a strange one for Ginny. She watches her family - now changed forever - while desperately wanting to escape, to find her way back to Harry and the way that she felt with him.

pepperam drew First Night for almond_joyz.
Ginny watches Harry sleep their first night together. Warning: NSFW.

rumpelsnorcack wrote The Road Trip for ladysugarquill.
On a road trip, Harry and Ginny stumble across a mystery. Obviously they have to investigate it ...

snuggle_muggle wrote One Small Difference for lyras.
Ginny wakes up one morning in a dark and dreadful alternate universe. She has to get back to her own reality, but is not sure how to do so. She comes to realize that it all comes down to one small difference.

st_dl wrote That's My Story for turkeyish.
This is the story about growing up. This is the story about living your dreams. This is the story of Ginny Weasley, famous Harpies chaser.

sunshine1112 wrote Desire for carrickorourke.
Ginny and Harry find the Mirror of Erised 21 years after the battle of Hogwarts.

Authors and artists, feel free to post your work to other communities and archives.
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