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ART: Rendezvous by pepperam


Title: Rendezvous
Author/Artist: pepperam
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Media: watercolor, marker, ink and graphite on paper (~9x12)
Summary: Harry and Ginny fly up to an ancient stone circle for an afternoon together.

Author/Artist's Notes: I was so excited to get stmargarets 's prompts. This piece was inspired by (although not particularly faithful to) her story "Magic Within, Magic Without," which is actually one of the first H/G fics I ever read. If you haven't read it, do! It's truly wonderful. Thanks so much to the moderators of takingitinturns , to CB for her help, and to stmargarets for her wonderful prompts and for providing the inspiration. She wanted color, landscapes, flowers, flowing hair, attention to eyes (um...), romance, ancient magic attributed to a place, magical objects for everyday life, flying, magical plants, surprise!magic, healing, happiness, warmth, and greenery. I hope you like this!

The flowers (though not very accurately depicted, I'm afraid) were all chosen based on their meanings according to The Illustrated Language of Flowers. From left to right: roses- love; circaea- witchcraft/sorcery; swallow wart- cure for heartache; chickweed- rendezvous; vervain- enchantment; wild oats/oats- the witching soul of music (seriously); lily of the valley- return of happiness; milkvetch- your presence softens my pain; (supposed to be) oats; forget me not- true love; and pyrus japonica- faeries' fire.

Click through for zoomed-out view.


Tags: :artist: pepperam, artwork, fest:making magic

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