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The Lost & Found Challenge - details and signup

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Ever lose your keys or wallet? What about your wand, your toad, or your Invisibility Cloak?

It's the lost and found challenge! Your mission: write fic or create artwork depicting Harry/Ginny, inspired by the "lost and found" theme. Of course, it's not only things that can be lost -- people, pets, inspiration and even friendships may be misplaced from time to time. How you interpret the prompt is up to you!

Join us to celebrate hp_reunion by rediscovering Harry/Ginny, and helping our favorite characters reunite with the things they've lost or misplaced along the way. Everyone is welcome, both old friends and new! No prior experience is required.

Post your work before November 16 to this community or wherever you like -- your lj, tumblr, DeviantArt, FFN, AO3 -- and then drop a link here. Please include a link back to takingitinturns in your post, and tag your Tumblr posts with #takingitinturns. I'll make a master list at the end.

Fics can be any length -- 200-1000 words is ideal, but make it longer if you're inspired! Beta-readers are always good. Digital and hand-drawn artwork alike are great, and we love fanmixes, gifsets and whatever else you can imagine!

If you want a more specific prompt, ask and I'll give you an item to lose and find again.

Just comment here if you plan to participate! I can't wait to see what you come up with. <3
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